Board bags are pretty self explanatory but it is important to get the right bag for the job. There are loads of different styles and types of bags out there to choose from, so which one is the best for you?

The type of bag you need will depend on what you will be using it for, whether it is an every day cover or a travel bag. With the perfect case, your board should remain ding free!

There are three different types of bag for your boards, a standard, sock or a hard case.


Socks are a fun and easy solution for those little dings collected on the way to the beach. Socks are great at protecting the rails and deck from the odd scratch and are amazingly easy to slot over your board without any faff. They come in different sizes to fit different board types and usually have a draw string at the tail and a cushioned nose space for extra protection. We don’t recommend these covers for travelling great distances as they only give your board basic protection. If you are simply popping it in and out of the car in between sessions then a sock will be perfect for you!

The standard board bags can be split into day-use and travel. Day bags have a lightweight waterproof or semi-waterproof outer cover with a zip at the tail end to slot your board into. You can get very basic bags but the more you pay, the more padding you will get and the better your board will be protected. 5mm high density foam padded covers are the best. These bags are great for day-to-day transportation of your board to stop the odd little ding here and there but wont keep your board protected from those airport baggage handlers!

If you have an epic surf trip booked be sure to get a nice padded travel bag. We have all been through airports to find that when we un-zip our boards for our first surf, the nose is mysteriously missing or there is a massive ding in the rail …. PANIC!!!! Well, if you invest in an extra padded travel case with a higher density of 10mm thick or over, you might just beat those baggage handlers at their own game and come away smiling. In these super safe board bags there are ample amounts of foam for extra ding resistance, some are capable of holding more than one board if you can’t choose your favourite, (or all your clothes, bikinis or wetsuits) and if your super lucky, you could buy a bag with some wheels to make it that little bit easier to transport around different countries.



Every board bag will come in multiple sizes so be sure to get the right size for your board. Always buy a cover a few inches bigger than your board to give enough room for the width and volume as well as the fins if you plan to keep them attached.

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