Here Jessica Tuckman shows us the art of duck diving.

One of the biggest challenges most people surfing at beach breaks experience is getting out back to the waves. Especially on the bigger days! Here are some of my top tips to dickdiving to help you develop a good technique.

Going into the duckdive you need to paddle towards the breaking waves at speed. Then just before you get to it you need to grab your board by both hands and push down to sink the nose.
Follow your board with your head and chest.

When you have dived deep enough then its time to push down on the tail of your board.
You can do this with your knee (like i have in the photo) which is ideal for smaller waves or if you’re longer than your surfboard. Or you can do this with your foot, which can help you go deep for bigger waves.
Keep one leg up, it will act as a stabiliser.

Look where you want to go, as you will naturally follow this line. And tilt the board up towards the surface when you are ready to come back up.

Extra tips: 

If there is a lot of sand in the water then keep your eyes closed. 

To duck-dive on big days you need to start diving further away from the wave. This gives you a chance to dive deep and avoid being pulled back towards the beach. 

Remain calm and try not to rush. You need to try and complete in one fluid motion so that you will be using the least energy possible to get out back. 

Enjoy the feeling of the water rushing over you. A tough paddle out is all part of the fun!

Words by Jessica Tuckman, photos by Adam Laister