Although surfing only requires a board, wetsuit and waves, there’s plenty of equipment out there that will keep you surfing and stoked for longer. We take a look at some of the key equipment for pre, during and post surf!

Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve
This advanced, long-sleeved dryrobe provides extra warmth for hanging around between sessions or on long days at the beach

Patagonia Planing Roll Top Bag
This durable, comfortable-to-carry backpack easily hauls wetsuits and other wet gear while keeping your clothing and towels dry and organised.

CoolBoard Balance Board
Practicing toe-heel and foot-foot balance is the best way to improve your surfing. Perfect for all abilities and a fantastic core workout.

Northcore Sleepwalker
This wearable sleeping bag is the perfect companion for micro-adventures. The Sleepwalker can convert into a coat and back to a sleeping bag.

Rip Curl G Bomb – Zip Free
Made of E5 superstretch neoprene with E5 taped seams for a lighter, ultimate stretch, easy entry, water tight wetsuit.
£244.99 (3/2),

Roxy Surfboard Tail Pad
The Hanalei is a feminine three-piece traction pad designed for all-round surfing. The reinforced foam provides extra strength, yet is super lightweight. 

Red Original Change Robe
A luxurious, super-absorbent cotton towelling robe that will get you dry in a flash and warm in the process.

Surfworx Hellcat Mini Mal
This brilliant mini mal is a tried and tested shape that has proven to be the perfect platform and design to kick-off your surfing adventure.

Dakine Kainui Team Leash
The Cannery edition 1/4-inch (6.5mm) Dura-Cord celebrates Dakine’s 40th Anniversary with retro colours. Designed for maximum strength and minimal drag.

Koalition Fins 
Add a splash of colour and give a tropical vibe to your board with Koalition Fins – available in thruster set up, fcs1, fcs2, and single fin.
from £40, 

Gul Response FX Chest Zip
Light, warm and flexible, this suit uses Gul’s RS-FLEX MK2 – a textured super stretch over-arm neoprene, making it easier to move and paddle in.
£140 (3/2mm),

Rip Curl ‘Ventura Surf’ Wetsuit Backpack
The ‘Ventura Surf’ is one of the best surf adventure backpacks out there right now. Made from a tough, water resistant TPE coasted polyester it’s large enough to hold a winter wetsuit with ease. 


Watershed Captain Longboard
The Captain is a classic longboard that can be enjoyed by anyone on any day. With a wide, scooped nose, a square tail and low rocker, The Captain paddles easily and catches waves with minimum effort. (Pic: 9’2” x 23” x 3” Black Resin tint, full gloss & polish)
Made to order

Down The Line – Jim Banks Magic Carpet Jim’s built this board to have the hold and control of a thruster with all the speed and glide of a twin fin, the Magic Carpet is a design that makes any stye of surfing easy. £ 

Roxy Fun Board Sock
Perfect for weekend camping adventures and trips to the beach this surfboard sock will add protection to your board. Complete with a padded nose and 4 way stretch, making it easy to get your board in and out.