As surfers we are naturally drawn towards the colour blue, probably due to the fact that our favourite place to spend our days is in the ocean, under the a crips blue sky, riding waves.

This magical colour is associated with a wonderful feeling of stability and depth and has the ability to slow the human metabolism and produce a calming effect. With so many different levels, tones and shades of blue; from royal blue, pale aqua all the way to an invigorating turquoise, it’s easy to see why we are big fans of shads of blue here at the SurfGirl Beach Boutique. To many it symbolises loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence; so whether you’re wearing a beautiful turquoise necklace or snuggling up on the sofa under a blue blanket, let the colour blue wash over you and leave you feeling happy, content and relaxed.


Check out our shades of blue and bright up your day with colours from the ocean.