There’s no end to Stephanie Gilmore’s talents.

By Corinne Evans

Stephanie is considered one of the world’s most stylish female surfers- a leader in women’s surfing, carving out her own path between the highest competition success and her free surfing abilities. Ms Gilmore is an inspiring, empowering woman who knows her own mind, she not only continues to dominate the surf scene but also graces the stage of music festivals, red carpets and high end fashion magazines.

Off the back of her recent win at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast we thought it was only right to share the the things we love about this talented woman.

 Surf Style

We’re talking about her style out in the ocean; Steph has a way of effortlessly gliding along the waves, carving shapes on the turquoise water. Her powerful feminine style is mesmerising to watch. Combining style with technical surfing is something that can be hard to master but Steph makes it look easy.

 Happy Gilmore

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a grumpy Steph! Always with a smile on her face, Steph exudes good vibes. Maybe it’s her happy go lucky approach to surfing that has made her the talent that she is today. Whatever it is, we should all take a leaf out of Stephs book and smile a little more.

 Musical Talents

As well as having six world titles tucked neatly in her back pocket, Stephanie is also killing it in music world and her skills on the guitar haven’t gone unnoticed. Yep that’s right, she’s not only an amazing competitive surfer but she is also a talented musician. Stepping out of her comfort zone, to play on stage with some big names, Stephanie Gilmore has proved that anything is possible and shown that it’s important to have variety in life.

Boho Beach Style

If we were to sum up Steph’s style in three words it would have to be, boho, retro and effortless. She manages to channel her inner bohemian, with her sun kissed waves and flared dungarees. Stephanie Gilmore is as stylish on land as she is on the water. Naturally riding for one the most fashion forward surf brands Roxy, Steph has access to abundance of beautiful clothing, but there is something about how she puts it all together that we just can’t get enough of.

Competitive Spirit

Don’t let her surfer girls hippy vibe fool you. Steph may look like a boho princess on land but put her in a heat and she will dominate the line up. Racking up her world titles and heat wins, we cannot wait to see if Steph can take her 7th World Title this year.

Beyond her six ASP world titles, Stephanie has 32 elite World Tour victories. For her triumphs, Stephanie has also been awarded both the Laureus World Sports Award in 2010, considered the most prestigious award in action sports worldwide, and has received two ESPN ESPYs for Female Action Sports Person in 2011 and 2013.

Ask Steph

Best surf trip? Every surf trip is incredibly fun! A sneaky trip to surf empty waves in the Bahamas with one of my best friends is one of my favourites so far.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done? Skydived…or a naked photoshoot for ESPN.

Sketchiest food you’ve eaten on a surf trip? Eating street cart food in Peru is always pretty sketchy.

Favourite city to visit? All of them, especially NYC, Paris and BIARRITZ

Three things that are ALWAYS in your handbag? My iPhone, Visa Card and Chanel Mascara.

What do you do on your downtime? Play music and dance around the house.

Stance: Regular

Fave wave: Greenmount, D’BAH, HONOLUA BAY

Goals as a professional surfer? To never fall out of love with surfing.