Serra Surfboards came about as we were looking for a more feminine surfboard to ride. Having a variety of abilities of surfers at SurfGirl, we’re always talking about boards in the office and with friends. Strangely, one common problem we’ve found is how difficult it is to find a well-crafted, fun, first board: a board that isn’t a mission to carry to the sea and easy to ride once you get there. A board that makes being a surfer more fun.

So, instead of trying to change old school minds, the team went to Ben Skinner and his team at Skindog Surfboards to give women the rides of their lives. The result is Serra Surfboards: a highly tuned range of boards with subtle tweaks that will help more women have more fun! Ben said about designing the new surfboard range, “I’ve been involved in board design all my surfing life and have found a passion and love for designing boards with a specific surfer in mind.”


So working with Ben we came up with the Sea Siren – a step-down board that should be your first board after coming off a foamy. It worked out so well we began to think what else we would like, and came up with a range of surfboards to suit most women’s requirements. So, with Skindog we also designed a custom-made log, the Sea Spirit, which you can get under your arm but still glides like a classic longboard. Then there’s the Ocean Gypsy, a really fun retro-shaped board, and the Wave Angel – an all-round shortboard that flies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 13.13.42

And boom, Serra Surfboards was born! Four stunning boards custom-made for mermaids. So, if you’re looking for a new board for summer, take a look at www.serrasurfboards.com.