With summer upon us we’re all feeling the urge to freshen up our skin for the summer, we’re talking body balms, hair care and SPF make up, everything we want and need to leave our skin and hair feeling ready for the summer sunshine, which is on it’s way we promise! If you love organic, natural products or anything containing coconut you’re going to love the products we’ve painstakingly test out for you. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Let’s talk about post surf. You’re all salty, sandy and maybe have  the lovely odour of your wetsuit still lingering on your skin and if you have the time to shower you need to give this product a go!

Hand and Body Wash

Spiezia Organics
A lovely little body wash, that is guaranteed to leave you smelling better than your wetsuit! Free from any harmful chemicals, this body wash will not only clean your skin but it will nourish it as the same time!

After showering it’s always good to give your skin a little moisturise. Whether you like a balm, oil or cream, it’s always best to opt for a natural, organic product. Did you know your skin absorbs anything you put on it, so why would you cover your skin in potentially harmful chemicals when you can cover it with skin loving natural ingredients. It’s a no brainier really!

Coconut Balm 

Post surf if you have a dry spot thats niggling you then Kopari Coconut balm to the rescue! Rather than keeping this in the bathroom to use as a daily all over body moisturiser, this is a great product to keep in your bag or car so you can whip out for dry hands, chapped lips and dry troubled spots on the go. A convenient way to take a little Coconut oil with you wherever you go. 

Coconut Sheer Oil

Hailed as a face moisturising, make-up removing, split-end softening powerhouse jam-packed with goodness… this little bottle goes a long way and does exactly what it says on the tin. Softens the face, gives it a glow, removes makeup and all without any breakouts but for the those who spend a lot of time in the water, the Coconut Sheer Oil really comes into its own when using on dry, split ends. But be warned, when applying to the hair, less is definitely more as it’s not hard to go overboard and be left with a greasy looking mane rather then glossy locks. 

Softening Body Oil & Body Balm

Spiezia Organics
If you want to treat your body to a spa like experience then give the Spiezia Organics products a go. They use only the finest natural, organic ingredients in their products and are lovingly handmade in Cornwall. The oil and balm won’t clog up your skin or leave it feeling greasy. Just soft, hydrated and smelling amazing.

Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

These ocean inspired shampoo and conditioners are lush! The only compliant we had is they need to come in a bigger bottle! 

Ocean Mist Spray

Anyone out there wanted to get some surf inspired waves you need this spray in your life. It’s again inspired by the ocean and will give you hair that added boost it might need after washing. However unlike some salt sprays it won’t make your hair crispy or crunchy.

Head & Hair Oil

Spiezia Organics
Don’t be put off by its small appearance, ‘although she be but little she is fierce’ definitely applies to this one. You just need a small amount of oil to reduce frizziness and make hair shine – perfect for those salty, dry and sea-worn tresses. Packed with apricot kernel oil, nettle, rosemary, thyme and burdock root, the oil is rich in vitamins D and E so as well as conditioning the hair this magical number also reduces flaky and itchy scalps. To get the full benefits, the treatment oil is best left on for a minimum of 20 minutes so this isn’t a product to use when in a rush. So take some me time – pop it on before shampooing, grab a cuppa and then jump in the shower to rinse off. Also at £29.99 a bottle, this is one to use once a week to rejuvenate hair and scalp rather than as a daily product. The fragrant aroma and killer results will feel like a weekly spa treatment for one!