Right point breaks, Mexican summer, and animated flowers. What could be better?

Loving this colourful, creative edit featuring Hanna Scott. So we asked Hanna what inspires her creative side, she said, “I’ve always been making things creatively, in many different forms. I loved to draw when I was little, and then I feel like I didn’t do it for a long time. Working with Vans has given me some opportunities to bring my love for animations and music into my surfing projects, which has been super fun.

I am definitely influenced by my surroundings. Not like drawing waves and sunsets, but definitely influenced into making art about what is happening in my life and what I am trying to process at any given time. I think that’s always been the purpose of anything creative that I do, just giving myself a new perspective on something in my surroundings that has captivated my overthinking brain. Once I’m done making a song about something, I typically never play it ever again as it’s served it’s purpose.” Good work Hanna, loving this!



Rizado featuring Hanna Scott @hooniescott

Director & Editor: Kevin Jansen @robotsfrom
Animation: Merce Iserte @merceiserte
Filmers: Heiko Bothe @heikobothe
Joshua Varela @_joshua_var…
Music: “Human Plants Born As Plants” by Hanna Scott