The summer that keeps on giving is very much still upon us here in the UK. With warm water temperatures and dreamy summer breezes, we have indeed been loving the tropical vibes this summer. Although the swell may not have been all time, there has still been plenty of summer swells around for us all to ride and what’s been making these surfs all the more special is the fact that we can surf in boardies, bikinis, swimsuits and surf suits! Yes, you read that correctly, we said bikinis and swimsuits! No boots, gloves or full body wetsuits in sight, it’s been a summer filled with endless beach days, ice creams and ocean dips to try and escape the heat.

For those of you, that think us Brits have to put up with cold water all year round, think again! Our surfer girls Hannah Harding and Evie Johnstone have been shredding the Newquay beaches in their favourite swimwear without a chill insight. In fact, for many surfers, it’s been far too hot to even get into a full wetsuit, which does say a lot. A complete novelty for our surfers but it’s been such an impressive sight to see. With office workers heading down for a quick dip on their lunch break, leaving their wetsuit at home and opting for their swimmers instead. 

With the ever-looming fear of change always on the horizon, we are determined to continue making the most of these warm temperatures and embrace the wetsuit free surfs for as long as we can. Let’s keep the summer dream alive and put the thoughts of winter and ice cream headaches from the cold water well to the back of our minds; there’s still a few months to go until we have to deal with that surely!

Here are the surfer girls in action – All images taken by Newquay based photographer Keith Geoffrey.