The Quiksilver and Roxy Open launched the World Surf League QS action today at Boardmasters in windy three-to-five foot surf at the iconic Fistral beach in Cornwall.

Surfers took on the playful peaks early this morning and competed all day to complete the men and women’s opening rounds, as well as four heats of the men’s Round Two under bright sunny Cornish skies. Local pro Alan Stokes (GBR) was the first to find a wave with big scoring potential at low tide. The regular foot took apart a good sized right-hander for a 7.17, the highest single score of Round One. A multiple British champion, Stokes regularly makes an appearance on the WSL tour when the QS comes to his local break.

We haven’t had swell here for a month so I’m happy it came up for the event, it’s head-high with lots of power and sections, it was fun! I know the wave and how tricky it can be so that certainly gives me an advantage. I launched a new surfboard brand so that kept me busy and out of the events but it’s good to be in the jersey again and win a heat.

Alan Stokes

Unfortunately Stokes couldn’t quite match the competition savvy of his adversaries in Round Two and bowed out much too early for the local fans.

A strong Brasilian contingent competed in the opening round, led by Maracaipe’s Jose Silva (BRA), who belted the opening round’s biggest combined heat total of 13.50. In his second event only, Silva posted an impressive win to advance into Round Two and will look to keep his form going into the rest of the event.

I’ve been surfing for a long time but am only starting to compete really, conditions were fun today, a bit mushy and disorganized but there were some good waves in there. I’m going to do three or four events in Europe this summer and the goal is obviously to go as far as I can!

Jose Silva

Pedro Nogueira (BRA) and Christopher Holler (DNK) enjoyed an early man-on-man battle as two other surfers failed to show up for their heat. Nogueira dominated the exchange with solid surfing on the longer rights and lefts at high-tide to post two good scores and advance into Round Two.

Last year’s semifinalist Jobe Harriss (GBR) stepped things up in the first heat of Round Two and showed he’s lost nothing of his amazing form from 2017. With an 8.33 highest wave and a 15.10 total, Harriss’ numbers spoke for themselves as the surfer from Bude easily advanced into Round Three.

I don’t really compete that much anymore, competitive surfing is not my main focus so I feel really relaxed out there and I guess it’s working out for me, I’ve got many things to keep myself busy, I’m working on building sites, lifeguarding, I even grow vegetables for a living as well, but thankfully I still get a bit of time in the water.

Jobe Harriss

The Roxy Open completed the only heat of Round One with three surfers late this afternoon, preparing for a full round of action tomorrow (Thursday 9 August) when the event resumes.

The waiting period for the UGG Men’s Longboard Pro and UGG Women’s Longboard Pro, final European longboard QS of the season, opens Friday.

Competitors will be back to Fistral at 8 a.m Thursday for an 8:30 a.m start of the men’s Round Two and 12p.m for the women.
Boardmasters are scheduled from August 8-12, 2018 at Fistral Beach, Cornwall – England. Get tickets to the music festival here

Lucy Campbell (below) will be competing later on today at Boardmasters. 


Heat 1: Justine Dupont (FRA), Nina Reynal (FRA), Laura Coviella (CNY), Valeska Schneider (DEU) 

Heat 2: Lucia Cosoleto (ARG), Natasha Van Greunen (ZAF), Emily Currie (GBR), Maelys Jouault (FRA) 

Heat 3: Cannelle Bulard (REU), Juliette Lacome (FRA), Audrey Presti (USA), Tassy Swallow (GBR) 

Heat 4: Marion Philippe (PYF), Jess Grimwood (AUS), Eveline Hooft (NDL), Ingrid Morrison (SCO) 

Heat 5: Rachel Presti (USA), Yolander Hopkins (PRT), Peony Knight (GBR), Lily Mandeville (GBR) 

Heat 6: Lucia Indurain (ARG), Uhaina Joly (FRA), Brooke Young (USA), Bonita Whitelock (GBR) 

Heat 7: Teal Hogg (ZAF), Lara Damelian (AUS), Hanna Scott (CAN), Joanne Dennison (GBR) 

Heat 8: Vahine Fierro (PYF), Ellie Turner (GBR), Lucy Campbell (GBR), Alys Barton (GBR) 


Heat 1: Valeska Schneider (DEU) 10.67, Ingrid Morrison (SCO) 2.00, Alexa Muss (USA) 0.00

Heat 2: Lily Mandeville (GBR), Alys Barton (GBR) 


Heat 1: Jobe Harriss (GBR) 15.10, Pedro Neves (BRA) 11.10, Will Bailey (GBR) 9.83, Kit Innes (GBR) 8.87

Heat 2: Arran Strong (GBR) 10.63, Joshua Braddock (GBR) 10.20, Harry De Roth (GBR) 10.00, Kairi Noro (JPN) 9.67

Heat 3: Jake Elkington (ZAF) 10.33, Leon Glatzer (DEU) 9.83, Oliver Hartkopp (DNK) 8.10, Travis Pearce (ZAF) 5.00

Heat 4: Daiki Tanaka (JPN) 14.10, Ian Fontaine (FRA) 12.50, Alan Stokes (GBR) 9.70, Alessandro Piu (ITA) 7.56


Heat 5: Luis Diaz (CNY), Pablo Montero (ESP), Reubyn Ash (GBR), Kamron Matthews (GBR) 

Heat 6: Luan Carvalho (BRA), Enzo Cavallini (FRA), Ignacio Guisasola (ESP), Miles Lee Hargreaves (GBR) 

Heat 7: Arne Bergwinkl (DEU), Luke Dillon (GBR), Jose Silva (BRA), Rhys Barfield (GBR) 

Heat 8: Alonso Correa (PER), Jay Quinn (GBR), Oli Adams (GBR), Noah Biersack (GBR) 

Heat 9: Andy Criere (ESP), Angelo Bonomelli (ITA), Jackson Richards (AUS), Joseph Morris (GBR) 

Heat 10: Pedro Coelho (PRT), Roberto Araki (CHL), Caina Souza (BRA), Patrick Langdon-Dark (GBR) 

Heat 11: Luke Hynd (AUS), Nate Dorman (USA), Samson Coulter (AUS), Theo Araujo (GBR) 

Heat 12: Lens Arancibia Avila (FRA), Alex Bauduin (CNY), Joss Ash (GBR), Jack Keenan (GBR)

Heat 13: Jose Gundesen (ARG), Ben Penny (AUS), Seth Morris (GBR), Christopher Holler (DNK) 

Heat 14: Gearoid McDaid (IRL), Naru Awada (JPN), Pedro Nogueira (BRA), Kalum Bruhwiler Temple (CAN) 

Heat 15: Joshe Faulkner (ZAF), Ethan Fletcher (ZAF), Herbert Moreno (BRA), Noah Capps (GBR) 

Heat 16: Facundo Arreyes (ARG), Theo Julitte (FRA), Stanley Norman (GBR), Titouan Canevet (FRA) 


Heat 1: Will Bailey (GBR) 11.33, Joshua Braddock (GBR) 8.10, Max Payne (GBR) 7.40

Heat 2: Harry De Roth (GBR), Kit Innes (GBR) 

Heat 3: Travis Pearce (ZAF) 7.64, Alessandro Piu (ITA) 7.47, Jakub Kuzia (POL) 5.00 

Heat 4: Alan Stokes (GBR) 12.60, Oliver Hartkopp (DNK) 9.33, Logan Nicol (GBR) 7.16

Heat 5: Reubyn Ash (GBR) 10.70, Miles Lee Hargreaves (GBR) 9.03, Dale Foster (GBR) 5.74

Heat 6: Ignacio Guisasola (ESP) 10.60, Kamron Matthews (GBR) 7.03, Lucas Skinner (GBR) 5.83, Adam Parkinson (GBR) 0.67

Heat 7: Jose Silva (BRA) 13.50, Namor Cayres (BRA) 11.73, Noah Biersack (GBR) 5.86

Heat 8: Oli Adams (GBR) 10.76, Rhys Barfield (GBR) 9.83, Lucas Albuquerque (BRA) 9.50, Elem Ben Zvi (ISR) 4.40

Heat 9: Jackson Richards (AUS) 10.84, Patrick Langdon-Dark (GBR) 10.43, Mark Boyd (SCO) 6.33

Heat 10: Caina Souza (BRA) 9.17, Joseph Morris (GBR) 6.00, Benjamin Avery (GBR) 5.70

Heat 11: Samson Coulter (AUS) 11.44, Jack Keenan (GBR) 7.10, Jordan Dean (GBR) 4.77

Heat 12: Joss Ash (GBR) 11.03, Theo Araujo (GBR) 10.87, Liam Murray Strout (GBR) 10.14, Louis Thomas Hudson (GBR) 4.50

Heat 13: Seth Morris (GBR) 11.57, Kalum Bruhwiler Temple (CAN) 6.13, Sam Scoble (GBR) 6.00

Heat 14: Pedro Nogueira (BRA) 12.07, Christopher Holler (DNK) 5.23, James Galt (ZAF) 0.00

Heat 15: Herbert Moreno (BRA) 11.36, Titouan Canevet (FRA) 10.33, Brett Connellan (AUS) 8.66

Heat 16: Stanley Norman (GBR) 11.24, Noah Capps (GBR) 9.94, Maximilian Hudson (GBR) 6.63, Salvador Couto (PRT) 0.00