During quarantine at home on the North Shore of Oahu, I went into the board room and chose my five favorite mayhem’s by …Lost surfboards. I got to put my attention into old and new boards, different and fun ones. Disclaimer: yeah, its true, I dont really like riding “big weird fishes”…………..and I actually weigh 123lbs*.

Filmed by: Rory Pringle and Thor Larson.
Edited by: Russel Chai

Board dimensions:
Driver 2.0 56.5 x 18.18 x 2.17 x 23.25 litres 
Rocket 5’3 x 18.18 x 2.21 x 23.0 litres 
Uber Driver 5’5.5 x 18.18 x 2.17 x 23.0 litres 
4 fin 5’6.5 x 18.18 x 2.17 x 23.16 litres 
Jbay 5’6.5 x 18.18 x 2.17 x 23.20