This winter don’t lose your focus, get out there and get surfing!

By Corinne Evans

We don’t have see winter as a negative.

Winter, it’s often the hardest time of year for us, sometimes all you want to do is curl up in a ball and go into hibernation mode. Even though we are sure we have all felt like this from time to time, we don’t have see winter as a negative. We don’t have to hide away until the warm weather makes an appearance. We just need to wrap up and get out there! We don’t have to loose focus on our goals, in fitness, work, or surfing. Winter should be the time where we work hard to keep our fitness levels up, nourish our bodies, explore and adventure. We need to enjoy winter a little more! Yes we said it, enjoy winter, for some these words would never usually go together but for us here at SurfGirl we are all about embracing the cold days and making the most of any winter waves that come our way.


Make your goals visible. Write notes and stick them on your mirror or fridge door. If you’re trying to exercise more, pre book your fitness classes and pay for them in advance. Get a friend to go along with you and if you’re trying to surf more join a club and surf as much as you can.


We know sunshine and blue skies look more aesthetically pleasing but the rain can also be pretty special. So don’t waste the rainy days hiding away. Wrap up, put your wellies on and get out in the winter air. It’s will make you feel alive.


Summer isn’t the only month you can explore and adventure. Pack up a bag, get out there and explore. Take a flask of a yummy hot beverage, to rearward yourself at the end of your trek.


Make the most of your evenings. Over winter they are longer, which means more time for home based/indoor activities. Start a new hobby, read books, get creative. There are so many ways to fill the evenings, that don’t always include scrolling through Netflix.


It’s important to find time to relax and unwind. In our fast pace lives it can be hard to find time to go slow, but this should be a priority once in a while. Run a bath, light some candles and kick back. Relax, recoup and enjoy having time to chill out. Don’t feel guilty about listening to your body and staying warm and cozy. Life is all about balance and with adventure and excitement should come relaxation and quite times.