Words by Hayley Shaw McGuinness. Surf photos Josh Moods

When I am really happy and laugh, I get three veins, that pop out on my forehead they stand out sooooo very much, people always point them out. My nostrils flare like little dragons when I laugh also.  These are a few things that I don’t particularly love about myself but the fact that my nostrils flare doesn’t stop me laughing!

My point is we could all look in the mirror and point out things about ourselves but change the way you look at yourself in the mirror, love yourself stupid… go on do it I dare you! Here are some ways to assist this new self love state of mind!

  1. Remember that beauty is a state of mind (your mind). The most beautiful girls are the happiest ones, those brimming with life and laughter, this is true beauty!
  2.  Show your body love, treat it to nice things. Run it a bath, paint your nails a nice colour, and put a hair treatment in. This will remind your body and yourself that you are special.

3.    Use the time you would have spent worrying about what others may think or envying how others look, to actually do something nice for someone else – eg write someone an encouraging card or note, tell a stranger they are beautiful. 

4.    Try not to focus on what other girls look like (this is a hard one).

5.    Write a list of what you do love about yourself and then when you are feeling down pull it out and you will be instantly reminded of how awesome you are.

6.    Understand that everything you see in magazines or on TV is not necessarily how it seems. There is a high chance that there has been some altering to the images.

7.    Surround yourself with people who lift you up and not put you down and  remember to be one of those uplifting, kind people yourself.

8.    Believe in your talents and explore them to the deepest depths and cherish them as these pieces of you are all part of who you are and they make you beautiful. 

9.    Eat well,  be active and have a positive attitude, three keys to the feeling good from the inside out! 

10.   SMILE, if you smile the world will smile with you!