English Surfing Champion Lucy Campbell has be jetting off around the world competing, surfing and adventuring. Taking a break between travels Lucy has kindly shared her top tips on Mexico, as well as a little insight into what she got up 2 weeks in Baja!

Definitely check out Cabo rock arch it’s absolutely stunning and the marina is a must see! Zippers restaurant is a great spot, located right on the beach, the food is pretty cheap and really yummy, though I accidentally ordered a plate of nachos meant for 4 people as a starter, but I am proud to say I demolished them but the walk home was a struggle! I hear they also do fab cocktails here too! I love searching for the quieter places to eat, a little off the beaten track, if there are locals eating there you know the food is going to be good! 

I’ve spent 2 weeks of June in the Baja peninsula of Mexico in Cabo. It’s been the most awesome trip of pumping waves, stunning sunrise surfs, tacos, mangos and endless sunshine! Maybe if I just buy a massive sombereo they’ll never know and can stay for ever! 

The WQS contest was held at Zippers which is a speedy right hand reef break. A 200m walk up the beach takes you to ‘la rocka’, I would sneak up here when Zippers filled up with girls getting ready for the event! This is a super run wall-y right hand reef break. Just up from there is a break called old mans which is beginner and longboard heaven! 

It was super easy to get there, a flight from London to Mexico city and then a beautiful flight over the vast city and the Guadalahara mountains on to Cabo San Lucas airport. Shuttles and taxis are really easy to pick up from there. I found the local busses amazing to get about and explore, they are super cheap and are fine with boards / board bags! 

My biggest tips

  • It’s definitely worth setting an early alarm! Most mornings I watched the most amazing sunrises from the water with rays jumping all over the place and had the lineup to myself!
  • As with many places don’t leave any valuables on the beach with out supervision. 
  • Eat where the locals eat.
  • Pack plenty of sunscreen and maybe a thermal rash vest for chilly dawn surfs.