We are excited to announce Billabong Womens’ newest instalment of its “Know the Feeling” campaign with the launch of our Spring 20 collection. The team has travelled to China, Morocco, and Sri Lanka to uncover stories of women who are pioneers in their community and instrumental in breaking down diversity barriers. The takeaway: the ocean connects us all. The second generation of the Know the Feeling campaign, “This feeling has a hold of us,” continues the sentiment but invites not only the surfer as an individual but also the sisterhood and solidarity that starts in the sea. Here we celebrate not only the feeling of surfing, but the feeling of community and camaraderie. Our first journey brings us to the Mentawais featuring our diverse cast of amazing athletes: Laura Enever, Alessa Quizon, Felicity Palmateer, Josie Prendergast and Jaleesa Vincent. No matter where we’re from, surfing and the culture it breeds is Billabong’s universal language. We all know the feeling.

“The ocean connects us all, let’s dance together!”
– Laura Enever

“I am a genie and the wave is my magic carpet”
– Jaleesa Vincent

“Surfing to me is about appreciation for the sun, the seas, the waves, the beach and friends.”
– Felicity Palmateer

“Females are a force, fierce, and strong. Embrace the connection you have with the ocean.”
– Alessa Quizon 

“The feeling of surfing is otherworldly. It’s like magic really.”
– Josie Prendergast