Once you make the commitment to get back into a fitness regime and begin your healthy diet this will help you to perform better. So let’s do this!

1. Eat a balanced diet.

Having a balanced diet will provide you with the energy you need to stay active, it will keep you healthy and help you to feel your best self. A balanced diet means not overeating ‘bad foods’ and choosing a variety of foods from the different food groups like fruit, vegetables, carbs and a small quantity of healthy fats. 

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2. Eat breakfast.

Eat within an hour of waking up as it will control your blood sugar during the day, it will curb your appetite and stop you reaching for the biscuits at 11am. For breakfast, think about having two food groups, protein being one of them, so vegetable juice or fruit and a piece of cheese is good or peanut butter on wholemeal toast, or a protein smoothie. 

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3. Try fermented foods

If your stomach has been out of whack from eating too much rich food recently, try fermented food products like yoghurt, kimchi and miso  as these can help support good gut health. Probiotics are associated with a variety of health benefits, including improved digestion, better immunity and increased weight loss. Fermentation is a process in which bacteria and yeast break down sugars, it can also boost the number of beneficial bacteria or probiotics in your gut.

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4. Reduce sugar.

After all the holiday treats your body needs to avoid the highs and lows of a sugar crash. By cutting out sweets, sugar, processed carbs for a few weeks it will help to regulate your blood sugar, promote weight loss and improve overall health. So clear out your cupboards and avoid the biscuit aisle!

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5. Avoid alcohol 

If you’ve been drinking more alcohol than normal, your liver will have taken a bashing. Alcohol consumption is very taxing on the liver which with plays one of the most important detoxifying roles in your body. Make sure you rehydrate and drink plenty of water on a daily basis. Then think about avoiding or cutting down on alcohol for a month or so and swopping it for healthy nutrition-rich smoothies instead.

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6.  Plan your meals.

Meal planning sounds like a bit of a faff but it will ensure that you’re eating the right food in the right portions. Meal planning helps you avoid fast food and impulsive eating for more nutrient-dense food which is prepped and ready to go. So stock your fridge with healthy products and plan for the week ahead with balanced meals and snacks.

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7. Get back into an exercise routine.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ because it’s January, so get moving as it will help you both mentally and physically. It’s easy to avoid your usual workouts during the hectic weeks of December but in January it’s all about getting back into your normal routine. Being physically active is an energy booster and no matter the intensity of your workout, exercise will lift your mood. Win, win! 

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8. Reset your sleep schedule.

If you’ve been you’ve been skimping on sleep, try to establish a good sleep routine and aim for at least seven hours a night. A lack of sleep can put your hormones out of whack, leading to depression, reduced immune system and making it more likely that you will overeat. If you’re finding it difficult to switch off and get to sleep or get back to sleep, try to train your brain to stop overthinking at night. Things that may help are gentle yoga or meditation before bed, breathing exercises to wind down, deep muscle relaxation exercises for areas which hold on to tension.

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