Hometown: London

Job Title: Roxy Account Manager

Past jobs: visual merchandiser, lifestyle brand ambassador,  retail management.

How you did it? 

Whilst at school I always new my goal and what I wanted to achieve. – I was always interested in fashion. I focused on my creativity and sports whilst at school and chose to study art and textiles design for my A levels. When finishing school I went straight to work for Topshop on their training scheme. They were a great company to work for. Once you know what path you want to take you can train your way up. I went into visual merchandising at first. I enjoy and find visual merchandising very satisfying to present product story’s and outfits to show off the product at its best potential. I now also enjoy taking this passion to interior design at home. Working in the retail industry, being a visual merchandiser and lifestyle brand ambassador in past job roles you understand and know your clients’ needs when entering the wholesale world. This definitely helped me when I started my role as a Roxy account manager.

Emma hanging will ALL the pros at Le Surfing in Hossegor during the Roxy Pro.

A typical work week for me consist of:

It really depends on where I am for work. Selling season is when I do most of my traveling between Cornwall and London. I see all my accounts in the south west and south east presenting the new Roxy collection. Most of the time we are working on three seasons at the same time. Selling new season ahead, working on current season and reviewing product for next year. Time can fly by!

My alarm goes off :

At 6am….

I love to start my day with:

A gym class and then a good cup of tea!

 The best part of my job:

Being able to meet and work daily with awesome people. If its colleagues or clients I feel like we are one big family. I have been lucky to meet some amazing people. I also love to be able to travel with Roxy and to be able to take part in the seasonal product process, giving feedback for the UK market.

One of my most memorable work moments would have to be ….

Would have to be our work trip to Meribel last year. We went for our Roxy AW18 snow product meeting with clients. Such a great group of girls with lots of fun and great memories!

Emma testing Roxy’s winter snowear, tough job but someone has to do it!

 After work:

I love to enjoy a good gym or hot yoga class. Perfect to unwind after a busy day.

Your style inspiration:

My favorite style inspiration has to be the Bohemian and Scandinavian trends.

Office Playlist:

Tends to be a mixture of Coldplay, London Grammar or Reggae. But this depends on who is in charge of the music for the day…

Sweat Style:

Roxy Fitness – Our fitness range is growing and growing each season with a great technical offering and bright, daring prints. Our product story’s make us unique to the other fitness brands focusing on providing technical wear for fit and healthy surfers, mountain lovers, fitness fanatics and yogi’s.

Foodies to follow:

Deliciously Ella for her healthy treats and smoothies and Joe Wicks for his healthy, quick and easy recipes!

Fashion inspo to follow:

I follow on Instagram and Pinterest, Boho and Scandi fashion inspirations and moodboards.

Surfers to follow:

I love to follow the Roxy Three Amigos Monyca, Bruna and Kelia. These girls live the dream. Three best friends travelling the world with great experiences and with lots of fun, surf and sun!

Post Surf Style?

If in the UK after a day out paddle boarding or just soaking up the sun, it’s all about throwing on a comfy warm hoody and sweatpants!

Work style?

Luckily working for Roxy we wear Roxy! I can either dress up my outfits or go casual. It depends where I am and how I’m feeling.

Post Work Style?

Living in London I guess I have warmed to the colour black! Purely because black is so easy to dress up and dress down, if I want to go and meet friends for a drink post work I can just change into heals and go.

Can’t live without?

Anyone who knows me well will know I’m always drinking tea and have a bottle of water in my bag everywhere I go…. it would be touch and go without these! 


This article first appeared in SurfGirl 58