Surfing has touched the lives of so many people and changed them for the better.

It opens doors to a world to beach breaks, reefs and perfectly meeting point breaks. It welcomes you into a ocean loving, inspiring and adrenaline fuelled community, that span across the globe. Surfing brings joy, excitement and that feeling of pure stoke that only a surfer can recognise. If you’re reading this and you’ve never surfed before or for some reason you seem to have lost your surf stoke a little, let’s see if we can get your surf stoke back or inspire you to pick up a board and give this amazing sport a go.

We’ve compiled our top surf films to inspire you to go surf!

Corinne’s pick: First up we have the wonderfully talented Stephanie Gilmore. Her graceful, traditional approach to wave riding is beautiful to watch. With world titles to her name it’s know wonder she has a smile that beams from ear to ear!

Louise’s pick: This film looks so chilled, it’s just how you imagine a classic surf trip should be. Epic waves with amazing scenery in a jungle setting. Dream on!

Carly’s picks: I’ve a few. So  in the first one I’m so inspired by Coco’s power and physical agility – she’s totally fearless.

Hawaii is such an iconic spot and it’s not hard to see why – the turquoise waves and chilled mellow waves are beautiful. I love that there are lots of different shapes, sizes and ages enjoying themselves…surfing is for everyone.

I love the calmness of this video and the mellow waves – it reminds me that you don’t have to be taking on fast hectic waves to be a good surfer.