Founded in Bali by Regula Aebi and Zelia Zadra, Oy Surf Apparel products are made to provide the perfect fit which allows every surfer girl to focus on her best performance. Made in Bali all pieces consist of high quality lycra to ensure they last, stay on and look great. 

Zelia when did you start Oy?
Regula and I started Oy in 2012. The fixed and relieving cross on the back of our tops provides maximum wearing comfort for the accomplished everyday woman. The different bottoms we offer allow for generous coverage, but with practical strings that can be tightened according to the needs or taste of the individual, also allowing for optimum grip or release. With the many different products and a wide range of cuts and shapes, we offer the perfect fit for any body type and activity. Each product is also available in a variety of colours and patterns. OY Surf Apparel gives you a free range to mix & match as you please regarding cut, colour and pattern.

Why did you set up the brand?
Back then we could not find any brand who was providing with great quality for surfing. What sets OY Surf Apparel products apart is their ultimate functionality, quality and variety. The surf bikinis are a perfect fit, without having to compromise on design.

What’s the best thing about running your own business?
Having diversity! Every day is different!

What’s your favourite piece in the collection?
Cant decide! Sorry! Lou, Milli, Kaja, Sumba, Borneo

What’s different about Oy to other brands?
Quality, function and Design.

Who wears Oy?
Surfergirls and Active women. Travellers and explorers. And all those who appreciate high quality, functionality and design.

Oy Surf Apparel has a community of oy-lovers from all around the world.

These inspiring ambassadors show the same amount of passion that goes into every single Oy Surf Apparel piece. Find out who these powerdul Oy-family women are.

Elle Sampiere was born on the US east coast, but is now living it up in California. She is a big Sage Erickson fan because the pro surfer stays true to herself despite the fame. Elle loves yoga, painting and art in general. Her statement about OY: “The comfort, the adorable patterns and flattering cuts and that they stay in place while surfing are just a few of my favorite things about OY Surf Apparel.” If she could be an animal, she would be a dolphin and doesn’t care how cliché that sounds! This 17-year-old means business with surf and already takes part in competitions. Her favorite surf slang words are “stoked” or “frothing”, because according to Elle, they describe the best feeling in the world.

Her friends call her Doro, and the 29-year-old is a Graphic designer from Brittany, France. Her advice to someone who just started surfing is to get a surf buddy who pushes your boundaries. Doro loves meeting new people. That’s also how she first heard of OY, while working with a Swiss girl who was “wearing a very cute bikini”. She’s been a huge fan ever since and says: “The fits are perfect, the designs are too damn cute and most importantly, it is the ONLY bikini that stays on!” Her personal favorite are the cheeky Brasil bottoms. Her choice food after a surf sesh? One word: Pokeeeeee!!!  Doro enjoys being outdoors, going on trails with friends, skating and kite surfing. She first went to Bali in 2016 and admits it was scary at first. Now she says: “It was one of the most beautiful, exciting and enriching experiences I could ever have in my life.”

The economics/ law teacher, freelance journalist, surf coach and surf film producer, originally from Lucerne, Switzerland, is seldom at home. Indonesia is on her top 3 destinations for a surf trip. Alena’s energy is channeled through great food, nature and sunshine. Alena’s statement about OY Surf Apparel products: “The bikinis are top quality with optimal styles that fit perfectly to the body, and they definitely stay in place.”

Originally from Jember, East Java, in Indonesia, Sri Santiarawati found her way to Bali. In the lovely Canggu, the 33-year-old lives her days as a freelance nanny and a free surfer. Santi’s opinion of OY Surf Apparel products: “The Bikini’s are super comfy, and will stay on even when I have my casual wipe-outs.”