Words and photos Laurie Newman

Bring a touch of the ocean into your homes with these homemade shell candles. They make great gifts and are really easy to make. Simply follow these 5 steps for a beach inspired home.

You will need:
Pre-waxed wicks
Soya wax
10 shells (Cockle shells work particularly well)
One saucepan
One Pyrex jug

Want to make them scented? Add a few drop of your favourite essential oil to the melting wax

Top Tip: You will need shells with depth to them to avoid the wax running over the sides.



  1. Turn the shells over so that the concave part is facing you.
  2. It is best to place the shells on a couple of layers of newspaper just in case any wax pours over the edges.
  3. Place the wicks in the centre of the shell making sure that the metal circular base lies flat – this can be a bit fiddly so find the part of the shell which is most stable.
  4. Meanwhile, pour the wax into the Pyrex jug.
  5. Fill a saucepan ½ full with water and carefully place the jug of wax inside.
  6. Be careful not to fill the saucepan too full with water otherwise it will overflow.
  7. Turn the stove to a medium heat and stir the wax with a wooden spoon until it has completely dissolved to a liquid.
  8. Once the wax has dissolved, remove from the heat and, if using, add 5-6 drops of essential oil and stir.
  9. Remove the wax from the heat and pour slowly into the shell- try to avoid pouring wax over the wick, as this will cause it to move.
  10. Leave to stand for at least 1 hour before moving the shells. You will know when the wax is set as it will turn to a white colour.