Words by Jessie Tuckman

You may have noticed that since the 2012 Olympics there has been a massive focus on sports on grassroots level. With campaigns such as #ThisGirlCan encouraging women into sports there are now so many choices of clubs and organisations to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

One such organisation is Ground Swell CIC, they were around before the London 2012 Olympics. They have been working with people 11-25 years old using surfing as a common interest to create opportunities in employment, surf related training and qualifications. They are based in Newquay which is the internationally recognised hub of surfing in the UK.


Chelsea Sheath is the head coach for the Ground Swell Girls Surf Sessions. She is an example of the good work they do as she has earnt her qualifications through the non profit organisation and taken up the post to pass on surfing skills to young girls.

I’ve been helping out with them for the second season now and it’s great to see young girls improving in their surfing. They get a lot of their inspiration from SurfGirl as it is a great platform for surfers around the UK. Here’s what some of the Girls Surf Sessions young surfers have to say about surfings.

Evie Gent “I surf because when I’m in the ocean all my stresses and worries disappear and it makes me feel at one with the ocean”

Coral Stancliffe-Caldicott ” I love the atmosphere of surfing with all my friends, also I love the rush you get when you catch an amazing wave. It’s a feeling you can’t match”

Immy Miller “It’s the one place where you are having to work with the world rather than against it. It makes you feel special that you have the opportunity to be so close to it”

Some of the girls are even starting to enter surf contests whilst others are simply feeling the joy of riding waves in a safe and fun environment. Either way they will all reap the benefit of living a healthy lifestyle, all that paddling around in the sea sure keeps you fit!

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