You know the feeling when you have had the sickest ride and you have a cheeky little glance around to see who maybe be watching. Did anyone just see that!? Did I actually just land that!? The confidence and energy zapped into your body after the perfect ride is literally the best feeling on earth. And gives you the motivation to paddle back out and go get another. Sometimes those rides are not as often as you would like, but that buzz stays with you until the next wave shredding time!

Imagine dominating almost every single wave and knowing EVERYONE is watching all the time! Judges, crowds on the beach and fellow shredders watching every move and no doubt judging your surfing technique. This is a scenario Keshia Eyre is very familiar with. She is off to Mexico for the pro surf Qualifying Series World Tour to represent the UK in June. Keshia has teamed up with Zennor Bikini to give you an epic insight into her trip! Make sure you follow @zennorbikini to enjoy Keshia’s Instagram takeover!

We caught up with her to get the lowdown on her trip away!

Hey Keshia you must be super excited about the next QS, what are you looking forward to the most?
Hello, Yes I’m super exited to be heading back there! I had so much fun last year so I can’t wait! I’m mostly looking forward to surfing my Zennor bikini again, the warm crystal clear water and seeing my friends 😀

Whats your favourite break in Mexico?
Well I have only ever surfed at Zippers which is where the contest is so I’m going to have to say there haha!

How do you stay motivated inbetween contests?
Just by training and surfing loads!

Whats your favourite manouver?
I love to do carves, but I love watching the boys do airs! I can’t do them yet, but to watch them is one of my favourite things!

What is going through your head when you are in a heat?
I mainly just think about getting a good wave not falling and staying calm.

Are you excited about your Zennor Bikini Instagram takeover?
I’m really excited, I can’t wait to show everyone Mexico and all my little adventures in my Zennor bikinis 🙂

What advice would you give any surfing mermaid out there who wants to improve their surfing technique?
Keep practising it doesn’t come easy and it takes a lot of work, but just work hard and stay focused and it will eventually all come together and pay off 🙂



To have a snapshot of Keshia beachy lifestyle follow her Instagram @keshiaeyre.  Follow @zennorbikini to keep updated on all things Zennor! We are all rooting for you Keshia, good luck and don’t worry we will all be watching your awesome waves!