The temperatures may be dropping but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer the cold on your surf adventures. From bamboo flasks to a portable shower, the SurfGirl Beach Boutique has got you covered this winter, so let’s kick off this winter inspired post with our top tips on keeping warm on your cold water surf adventures.

Wear the right kit
We’re talking wooly jumpers, waterproof jacket, even waterproof trousers on the wettest of days and cozy beanies. Dress practically and you will enjoy your adventures so much more! Because let’s be honest, winter surf road trips tend to consist of rain filled days and wind blasted surf checks so be sure to wrap up warm and layer up, you will appreciate it when getting changed after a chilly dip in the water.

Pack up hot drinks and snacks
Just imagine getting out the surf to a flask filled with your favourite hot beverage or even better some warming soup. There is no shame in being prepared, you’ll be the envy of all your surf buddies with your tasty post surf treats! After all you deserve a reward for braving the cold waves.

Making changing more enjoyable
If you’re not lucky enough to own a van that allows you get changed inside or able to walk home from a surf straight into a shower then we understand the struggles you go through when getting changed in the beach car park. The floor is cold and the icy winds cut through as you attempt to peel the neoprene from your skin. However it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom, you can make getting changed after a surf a tad more enjoyable. Invest in a changing mat and never get cold feet again, use a changing robe instead of a towel and if you’re feeling even more indulgent get yourself a portable shower and be the envy of the car park with a hot shower post surf!