Photo: Courtesy Roxy

Words by Corinne Evans. 

Winter’s coming so let’s make the most of the longer days while you can and take your workout outside. Jump on our bike, practice yoga outside and go for beach run and make the most of getting fit outside while you can. Here are my top 5 reasons we should exercise outdoors more!

1. Workout how you want and when you want
You don’t need a timetable, schedule or need to book in to a class. Simply turn up when you want and get active. Which means you can work it around work and surfs. They say variety is the spice of life and when it comes to exercise this is certainty the case. Mix it up a little with beach yoga; bike rides, skipping outside or even go for a sand dune run.


Photo by Lizzie Churchill

2. You will burn more calories
The elements can play a part in how many calories you burn; wind resistance can make your work out even harder and let’s face it if it starts raining we’re all going workout quicker so it can get it done.
Exercising outside also promotes “muscle confusion” for example working out on a variety of terrain can help your body burn more calories because it has to work different muscle group.

3. You can work out for longer
If you love being outside like us, you will want to drag your workout out for a long as possible. The views are nicer, the air is fresher and there is more to stimulate your mind. When you’re in the gym you’re probably constantly clock watching but when you take your work out outside it’s easier to loose track of time. You can break up your beach run or interval training with a well earned quick break, by stopping to take a photo or to take in the scenery.


4. It’s FREE!
You don’t have to pay to exercise outside, so leave your wallet at home. Which means more money to spend on surfboards and wetsuits!

5. You will smile more
Getting outside in the fresh air will make you feel rejuvenated and energised, which will put a smile on your face. Working out outdoors can also have a positive effect on your mental health and is often linked to stress reduction.
There are many studies out there that say that exercising outdoors may increase energy levels, so instead of feeling drained and exhausted after the gym you should be left feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
Another major perk is Vitamin D, this is a fat-soluble vitamin which is essential for a healthy immune system. Vitamin D can be attained via sun exposure. Always wear sun cream but whenever possible get outside and soak up that Vitamin D and make the most of it while you can!


Photos by Lizzie Churchill

So what are you waiting for? Winter’s coming so get out there, just do it!

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