Winter does naturally evoke the hibernation mode within most of us, whether you’re a home bird or not. Some of us can adjust easily with the seasons while others still pine for the slow summer days but instead of wishing away the winter months, let’s look forward to the changing seasons and embrace all that is winter.

Take time to make the transition into winter with small changes to your home and life, it can make it easier to enjoy these chilly months. Enjoy lighting the candles and snuggle up under your blankets. De-clutter the items in your home that are no longer fit for purpose and give your home a cosy wintery feel.

Add soft textures and warming tones which will glow by candle light. Cover your coffee table in books that you can get lost in during the dark winter nights because the dark nights are just for binge watching TV. The additional time at home doesn’t need to feel unproductive, it can be a time to indulge in activities your too busy to do in the summer.

Fill your cupboards with nourishing seasonal food and cook winter feasts for your loved ones. It is a great time to enjoy being in the kitchen. Treat yourself to a new recipe book and get a little creative and it’s not only in the kitchen you can add a touch of creativity to your life, with the gift giving season nearly upon us, why not get crafty with homemade gifts and cards.

Instead of being slumped in front of the TV, give your mind and body a challenge. Learn a new skill, practice yoga at home whatever you choose to do, choose things that make you feel alive and invigorated. Get out for a brisk walk with friends, get those wellies on, fill up your flask and go explore, it will make coming back to a cosy home all the more enjoyable.