Summer maybe over but that doesn’t mean your adventures have to be.

Add chunky knit layers and rustic autumnal colours to your wardrobe and you’re all set for the wonderful season ahead.

From the perfect outfits to keep you cosy after surfing, gadgets to make your adventures all the more enjoyable and everything in-between to keep you inspired this autumn, our SurfGirl Beach Boutique has got it covered.

It’s time for cozy sweaters, crackling bonfires, aromatic candles flooding the air and weekend wanderings down the coast in search of the autumn swells that almost always end up a indulgent hot chocolate. Don’t be sad that summer is over, be happy it came and embrace the change, good things are coming, we can feel it.

This season we are loving creamy mustard tones teamed with grey marl, the two colours compliment each other well and ins’t it nice to add a touch of colour into your autumn outfits, especially tones that suit the season. So go bold with a bright beanie or a statement jumper and boost your mood on the grey days.

Light the candles, get out the blankets and cook up a feast for your nearest and dearest, the evenings are getting darker, it’s time to enjoy home a little. With all the rushing around to late evenings out watching the sunsets and BBQ’ing this summer, we’re craving some dinner parties at home with friends. Let’s plan our adventures and tell tales by the golden candle light, it’s time to get cosy!

Don’t let your adventures dwindle to the side because it’s getting a little colder and the nights are drawing in, autumn is a great time of year for adventures and road trips, you just may need to prepare a little more. Pack a hot drink and even have a warm shower after you’ve surfed all morning, these simple additions to your adventures will make all the difference.