The Northern Californian surf brand O’Neill introduces the “O’Neill TRVLR Series: Designed for the Destination – No Matter What.” The all-new outdoor surf collection is engineered to cater to the needs of adventure seekers and explorers with functional gear capable of withstanding the elements.

The campaign features surfers Laura Crane and Ben Larg, who embody the spirit of adventure and exploration that the O’Neill TRVLR Series collection represents. Their passion for outdoor activities and commitment to pushing boundaries perfectly align with O’Neill’s unique spirit. The surfers embarked on an unforgettable journey across Wales. While facing unexpected challenges, the group maintained an optimistic spirit focused on enjoying each other company, the surrounding nature and the ocean next to them.

“When you’re wearing the O’Neill TRVLR Series, you are prepared for any weather conditions,” said Laura after taking part in the trip. “This range is incredibly versatile; you can combine different layers on and off to suit your needs at that moment. From a rainy adventure in the mountains to facing a windy day on the beach, you are always covered — no matter what.”

The main highlights of the collection are the Journey Shell Parka combined with the Altum Mode Jacket, two versatile pieces that are part of O’Neill’s Modular concept and tailored for adaptability. These jackets can be worn separately or zipped together, providing customisable comfort and protection in ever-changing weather conditions.

The new O’Neill TRVLR Series collection is available for purchase in Europe here

Five Minutes with Laura Crane

Laura Crane’s journey as a surfer, environmentalist and influencer continues to inspire people of all ages to follow their passions. As we head into winter, we get winter gear tips from one of the UK’s best surfers.

Laura, given our unpredictable weather in Europe during the winter months, how do you prepare to make sure you’re warm when you go on a road trip?

As my dad has always told me: “There’s no such thing as bad weather; you are just wearing the wrong clothes!” And he’s right; as long as you have the right equipment, you can enjoy whatever the weather brings. For me, that means always having a really good jacket that keeps wind and rain away, like the O’Neill TRVLR Series Journey Shell Parka and Altum Mode Jacket, a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes, and hats. I love a hat!

What do you pack to protect against the elements?
Always a light raincoat, suncream and a spare pair of socks. I hate soggy socks.

How important is it to take the right equipment when you’re surfing in the cold?
Having the right equipment makes the difference between truly enjoying a cold adventure or just wishing you were tucked up at home. It’s essential to warm up before and after a session, or else everyone just gets a bit miserable. Bring a hot water flask, and you’ll have more mates than ever.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather; you are just wearing the wrong clothes!”

What’s the coldest surf you’ve ever surfed in and where was it?
I surfed in Norway this winter, and it was definitely the coldest place I have surfed, but also the most beautiful, and 100% the quietest.

Tell us a bit about O’Neill’s TRVLR Series and what makes it suitable for outdoor activities.
When you’re wearing the O’Neill TRVLR Series gear, you’re prepared for any weather condition. This range is incredibly versatile; you can zip different layers on and off to suit what you need at that moment, which is pretty important for our ever-changing weather patterns here. From a rainy adventure in the mountains to facing a windy day on the beach, you’re always covered.

Can you recall some epic road trips that you can tell us about?
I have done a few epic road trips in America, but for me, nothing beats a European road trip. I love that you can pass through so many countries in a day, experience various cultures, surf different waves and enjoy all kinds of food.

When you’re on a road trip, what’s your top entertainment tip when the weather’s too awful or the waves are too bad to surf?
I love journaling, so that’s always one of my first choices for down days. But I always say just get out there regardless. A little rain and some wind never hurt.

Can you share a moment from your surf trip that started out as a disaster but turned into an unforgettable memory?
I’d say the moment we realised we were going to have to camp in the pouring rain. Not the happiest moment, for sure, but the company I had made it all okay, and we ended up having such a laugh. It turned out to be one of the trip’s highlights.