Boardmasters ambassador and current English Champion Lucy Campbell is flying the flag for the England, competing on the WQS tour, travelling the world and living what seems to be the dream life. We caught up with Lucy to see if it’s wonderful as it looks on Instagram and to find out what she’s looking forward to at this years Boardmasters Festival.

How as your summer been so far? 
Summer has been amazing, it’s been bit of a busy blur but I’ve had some brilliant trips and frolicked in the English sunshine!

What’s been the highlight?
Oh thats a toughie, I’m going to have to say so far has to be sunny BBQS at home with friends and family, you just can’t beet them!

How have the competitions been going?
The competitions have been going well thank you! I was over the moon to become English Women’s champion earlier in the year now my focus is on the World Qualifying Series events.

It looks like you’ve been travelling an awful lot. How is life on the road, living out of your board bag and suitcase? 
I am absolutely love it, exploring new places and waves, It’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I am often traveling on my own which can be stressful at times but I’ve met so many lovely people along the way! I do always enjoy coming home, unpacking, surfing my home break and catching up with everyone!

Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to this year? 
Mexico! I was in Cabo for 2 weeks for a 6* WQS event back in June and I didn’t want to leave! The waves where amazing the whole time (right hand points galore!), the people where so friendly, so much sunshine and well I am sure I don’t have to tell you about the food!!

With Boardmasters happening next week, you must be excited to compete, especially as you’re one of the ambassadors for the event this year. What are you most looking forward to?
I am so excited, I’m just keeping my fingers and toes crossed for sunshine and waves! Obviously I am super excited for the festival with my girls but I also just love the vibe on the beach!

Give us your top three acts to watch at the Boardmasters this year?
For me Its going to be Alt J, Jamiroquai and Kate Nash! Though Corona sunsets stage is a high priority, the set was so good last I got stuck there of most of the night dancing!

What are you plans after the festival, do you have any down time or are you jetting off again? 
Boardmasters is the start of the European leg of the WQS tour so I’ll be straight on the ferry to France and Spain (after a boogie or two or course).

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