Keshia1Interview by Corinne Evans

Keshia how’s your summer been so far Keshia, have you been getting some waves in Portugal?

It’s been really nice thank you. i’ve not been home much because ive been travelling a lot but the times I have been in portugal it’s been really fun 🙂

Last time you were over in the UK you won the Night Surf, how did you find the competition this year?

I had a lot of fun this year everyone was surfing really well and the waves and weather were really nice throughout the event. Even tho the waves did get tricky at high tide for the final it was still fun and the setup with the big screen so everyone could see was really cool and they ended the contest really well with the fireworks .

Boardmasters is just around the corner! Are you excited to come over for the event this year?

I’m so excited, its one of my favourite events the UK Pro surf tour do such a good job with the set up and getting a big crowd on the beach 🙂

You made the final last year but narrowly missed out on the win do you have your eyes firmly fixed on the top podium finish this year?

Yeah its definitely something I have my eye on & am aiming for a win. Hopefully we get fun waves for the event 🙂


I’m sure the competition will be your main focus at the event but will you get some time to enjoy the music side to Boardmasters?

Most years i miss out on the main acts of the festival because it goes on until late and I’m competing but i might go to some of the earlier shows again this year. I hope i can because its always so fun 🙂

Will you be travelling over with some family and friends for the event?

My Dad, younger brother Klaus, Auntie and Cousin will be coming down with me and my boyfriend and some friends will be joining me as well, It’s nice to have them around for the support 🙂

After Boardmasters what events do you have coming up?

After Boardmasters I’ll be going to France for the QS in Anglet and then to Pantin for another one and then straight to the Azores so i’ll be nice and busy ha.ha!

Do you have any pre heat rituals?

I just have a playlist i listen to before going in and a mini stretch routine and i always need to high five or fist bump some one ha,ha!

Can you tell me your top 3 favourite things about Boardmasters?

The winners crown, The Village they have on the beach with the bars and stores, and obviously the music 🙂

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