Words by Abbi Hughes. Photos Offshore Images (Abbi Hughes and Gina Goodman)

We are all feeling a little down here in the office now that the event is over, so we are all trying to reminisce the sunshine, surfing and great music with all the photos we can. There are loads of highlights to catch up on.

Here are our TOP FIVE moments at Boardmasters:

1. Obviously the surfing comp was a top highlight. The surf this year was quite big for the first few days and on Saturday the surf dropped off with small waves which made it easier to watch the girls from the beach at high tide and the vibe was totally great. On the last day the swell returned with a solid 3-4ft rolling into the beach. This made the finals competitive and exciting, watching the girls fly from top to bottom of each wave with power and control.

2. Watching the friendly but fierce nature of all the surf competitors. It was so lovely to see that each competitor was friendly, smiley and wishing their opponents the best of luck whilst on the beach. In the water the battle was fierce but electric as each girl aimed for the top spot. The great thing is that each girl was just happy to compete and being put through a round was a bonus.

3. The Surf Village was incredible this year, fantastic stalls to browse always buzzing with people, fairground rides to enjoy the local sites. Last but by no means least, the best skate and BMX performances were happening on the Headland Hotel area that left everyone mesmerised.

4. Music, as always was superb and the vibe at the Music Festival site was chilled yet buzzing when the acts came onto the main stage. The food was epic and the porta loos weren’t even that bad !

5. Watching the Men’s Longboard semi final and final heats. The boys had so much style, it was truly exceptional surfing that inspired so many to perhaps swap there small sticks for a log every once in a while.

Check out the highlights from the last day here

Congratulations to Peony Knight for smashing it in the Open Final with control, power and radical manoeuvres in the perfect pocket of each wave.



Name: Peony Knight
Age: 17
Stance: Regular
Board Size: 5’5
Sponsor: O’Neill, Diplock Boards, DryRobe, Wetsweets
Home Break: Croyde
Favourite Wave: Easky Right, Ireland
Fave travel destination: Northern Sumatra, Banda Aceh

Congratulations Peony on winning Boardmasters, you must be stoked? When will we see you next?
“Thanks! Im doing a few Pro Junior events around Europe for the rest of the summer, as well as my first QS events. I’m really excited to compete with some of the top female surfers. There’s the Thurso event and the British Nationals coming up too, so its going to be a pretty busy autumn. Ive also been training with the GB squad, fingers crossed I get a chance to represent GB again at the ISA Worlds in California later in the year.

Life’s pretty hectic at the moment. I’m studying for A Levels whilst trying to keep on top of training. But the free time I do get is mostly spent with friends and family. I’m actually living on a boat this summer sailing down the Atlantic coast, which is increadible! I love sailing and everything that comes with it!”



Name: Alice Lemoigne 

Age: 18
Stance: Regular
Board Size: 9,1
Sponsor: Daddyseal
Home Break: Cap Breton
Favourite Wave: Saint Leu Reunion
Fave travel destination: Hawaii

Congratulations Alice on winning the Longboard event at Boardmasters, have you got any plans for the rest of the summer?
“I will be spending the summer in France but will come back for surfing competitions in Newquay in future. For the rest of summer I love running to keep my fitness levels up as well as having fun with my friends in the sun.”


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