A Bikini Kinda Life is the motto for how sexy, soulful, stylish young women curate their lives. The Medallion line is the notes that we play. Adventure is the beat. Barbados is the canvas. We follow the groove of the locals, Cherry Tree to Soup Bowl, drinking in the island life. We express ourself through Calypso. It’s the lust for what is around the bend that compels me, the rich Bajan Culture that keeps me. Are these bikinis sexy ? Sure. Are they brimming with style? Of course… but Billabong bikinis are for girls who jump in and live life to the fullest.


Sundial Bustier, Sundial Biarritz / Shibori Thali Top, Shibori Hawaii Bottom
Sundial One Piece / Miura Triangle, Miura Tropic