By Sharpy

For many of us, our earliest memories of the beach are of jumping over waves. Even as infants we notice the peculiar rhythm of the ocean and how the waves come in groups. The green flag days when we were allowed to play were relished. Red flag days when the waves were too dangerous were marvelled at.
This fascination with ocean energy leads people to become wave-riders, swimmers, lifeguards and even surf photographers. Seeking out waves of all shapes and sizes is what we do. Our connection to the ocean is strong. Knowing how waves work is essential, playing in their power is one of the most exciting things you can do, however you choose to do it. The Amazing Waves book is a celebration of the raw beauty of waves around the world.

The photographers that help make it are a crazy bunch of obsessives that really should go get a real job as the rewards are paltry but we’re glad they weather all the storms to record Mama Nature’s finest show. Here’s we speak to a few of the photographers who contributed to Amazing Waves:

WHAT MAKES A GOOD WAVE PHOTO? Backdrops. A big powerful background in a lineup shot tells more of a story than a wave by itself. It creates a sense of curiosity and wonder “Where the hell is that?!” MARCUS PALADINO

For me, a good wave photo has to be something incredibly unique – whether it be weird light/weather combinations, a fresh angle or just simply one of those outrageous ‘once in a blue moon’ moments where you’re lucky enough to be aiming your camera in the right direction. JOSH TABONE

I tend like think a good wave photo consists of mood colours and contrast. Plus some movement as well. Perfect sunny images are great, but dark images convey more of a story. RODD OWEN

A good wave photo pulls the viewer in It’s the way that you mind surf that thing to death. Usually the wave itself might be unmakeable in reality but that 1/1000 second frozen moment tells us something different. There are a million different tiny details in there, there are reflections in every colour and shade imaginable and since it’s something unique which will never ever happen in exact same way again … it’s just mind blowing to watch. A good wave photo will stop the viewer, it’ll feed your imagination the more you look at it. It’s unique and it’s just something only a Mother Nature can paint. TIMO JARVINEN

To me a good wave photo is still a picture of a wave that is surfable. Or at least looks like it might be … You can add any combination of amazing light, water clarity or exotic location but the key ingredient is the mind-surf factor. That mightn’t make me too popular with 90 percent of the surf photographers I see on Instagram, but their weird mutated slabs and oddly shaped backwashes don’t do it for me. SHIELDSY

Absolutely. I get to be surrounded by nature and document split second moments that most people in the world don’t even know exist. I get to put myself in critical situations with talented professionals and come out the other side laughing historically in excitement. There’s not better rush in the world! MARCUS PALADINO

The office is getting a lot more crowded these days but that will never deter me. I’m pretty darn’ lucky to have found something that I love doing, whilst making a living. Forever privileged to be able to call this my ‘job’. JOSH TABONE

At times definItely. Travelling to far and wide places is what makes me tick. Even if I’m not shooting it’s what makes me tick. RODD OWEN

In my book it is the best, most beautiful office out there. It can have nightmarish elements from a real life cubicle life too. When the rip feels like some lower management dickhead who’s on your case all day long. There’s so much going on around you when you’re swimming in the line up, that it’s hard to describe the kind of euphoria you go through. Anticipation like that when it’s pumping doesn’t happen in any other ‘office’ I reckon. The energy flowing through you, all that it’s pretty unique. TIMO JARVINEN

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