At Abysse, our goal is to create products that feel great, look great and function great, all the while empowering women to reach their highest potential in and out of the water. Our products are made with a sustainable and ethical mindset, utilising premium recycled materials to allow our women to function at the highest level.

The Lotte
Our best seller, this is a 2mm Japanese limestone neoprene long sleeve wetsuit, made to spend countless hours in the ocean.

The Jenna
Our two piece made out of 2mm Japanese limestone neoprene, is timeless and will stay on during any kind of water activities

How important is sustainability to you?
Sustainability is the fundamental value of Abysse’s mindset and all our products (swimwear and activewear) are ethically manufactured in California. Our goal is to make a difference by reducing our carbon footprint and we want to give the consumer the choice to support a product that has the future of the environment in mind.

What is your best seller?
Our best seller the Lotte, is a 2mm Japanese premium limestone neoprene long sleeve wetsuit, made to spend countless hours in the ocean. A close second is the Jenna, our neoprene two piece which is timeless and stays on during any water activity in warmer Ocean.

Who are your products created for?
Our sustainable products are created for ocean lovers and active women. Every piece is designed to stay on while surfing, kiteboarding, paddling or being active in the Ocean. The conservation and preservation of the ocean is very close to our hearts and we want to help future generations tackle issues such as plastic pollution, bleaching corals and global warming. We currently support two amazing charities “Sirens for the Sea” and “Moorea Coral Gardeners”