Ahead of the 2018 WSL tour, Caroline Marks had the opportunity to share some time in the lineup with the 3X champ, Carissa Moore. On her home island of Oahu, Moore helped Caroline prepare for her own tour debut by chasing waves up and down the island. Ever since Caroline started dominating amateur competitions at the age of 11 it’s been her goal to make the tour, and she made history when she became the youngest ever to qualify at the age of 15.

“Ever since I started surfing Carissa has always been that one person that I wanted to be like and I wanted to surf like”.

Caroline Marks

Now at age 16, she is making her presence known on the tour by climbing into the top five in the standings after a stellar third place finish at Bell’s Beach in April. Moore, who is currently in third place in the Women’s Championship Tour, could see Caroline’s success coming from a mile away. “My best advice to Caroline is to just keep doing what you’ve been doing because it’s been working.” Moore said ahead of the 2018 season.

So far, Caroline has been doing just that as she works towards her goal of a world title. Until then she can rely on Carissa for advice and support as she adjusts to life on tour.

Above: Caroline //  Below: Carissa

 Videos courtesy of Red Bull. Photos courtesy of Red Bull and Jake Marote.