My transformational collection is based on travel and its concept is to empower women with innovation and style to go travelling. Women often worry about chasing their dreams of travelling the world without a companion but I believe with the right functional, understated apparel that will give them the option to dress modestly as to not offend a culture they should not withhold from chasing their dreams.

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The concept of transformation came about after my travels to Indonesia and hiking up Mount Rinjani nearly half the size of Mount Everest. We had to carry huge canvas tents and sleeping bags as the temperature near the top dropped to three degrees at night, a vast difference from thirty five degrees at sea level.

tech 3People struggled to lug water bottles, food and tents up with them as did I. And I thought that if my collection was modular and I had a few quirky transformational garments it would be a great way to make friends as a conversation starter, and would be easier to carry everywhere you go. Also having a transformational tent means that you will always have shelter and a place to stay and are not limited to the confines of hostels and lodges.collage

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