Surfer’s ear is the common name for an exostosis or abnormal bone growth within the ear canal. Irritation from cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop lumps of new bony growth. The condition is progressive, making it important to take preventative measures early, preferably whenever surfing.” – Wikipedia

I’ve been surfing now for about 7 years and have done 4 solid winters. I’m starting to feel the pain in my ears after a particularly windy cold surf. As I’ve been led to believe it is not something to be ignored unless I fancy having my head drilled into, bleeding from the ears or even partial deafness. I’ve had a go at putting blue tac in my ears before and felt really deaf. Not only that but it falls out and is a bit useless. Not sure I fancy getting infections from the germs that are likely getting stuck in the “tac” too. So I did a little research into earplugs and I’m now pleased to be the owner of a few sets of Surf Ears.


There are other plugs out there, varied levels of success have been noted by my in water friends. Tom Curren and Sally Fitzgibbons are just some of the world pro’s using Surfears and it seems for good reason. It’s refreshing to be able to wear plugs and hear in the lineup, they don’t fall out and are comfortable in my ears.

Surf Ears 2.0 has just come out too which has just dropped through my door. I’m stoked to be one of the first surfers with the revoluntionary new plugs and keeping the dreaded “surfers ear” at bay.

Surf Ears are available at the Beach Boutique and Surf Ears 2.0 will be available in March.


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