Zennor Bikini Guide 2018

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The New SS18 Zennor Collection is a fusion of statement styles and prints inspired by the ‘Mermaid of Zennor’ and the majestic world around us. These unique, eye-catching suits are made for the Wave Dancer, the Ocean Wanderer and the Zennor Mermaid in us all. Fully seamless and reversible. Made in Great Britain for superior quality and proudly sweatshop free and available worldwide.


What’s the inspiration behind the SS18 collection?
Our SS18 collection has been in the works for the last 8 months, as always we have taken inspiration from ‘The Mermaid of Zennor’, our latest Mermaid scales colourway is the most majestic yet! Every style is designed to ensure comfort every day and created for the active lifestyles our Zennor Mermaids live. Each print we have created in this collection is inspired by a magical place we have discovered. From trekking to waterfalls, seeing wild elephants in the jungle, smelling the native flowers of the islands and diving into glittering oceans.

Can the bikinis and one-pieces be worn surfing?
Every Zennor Bikini can be worn surfing, we have tried and tested every piece in small and large conditions and they stick like glue. Our favs for surfing are the Halter, Highwaisted Bottoms and One Piece, they are all so comfy!

What does it mean to be a Zennor Mermaid?
Being a Zennor Mermaid means you are part of our Mermaid tribe! We love to empower each other every day on our Instagram @zennorbikini. Zennor Mermaids are Wave Dancers and World Wanderers who are comfortable in their own skin.

Which are the key colours and patterns?
In our SS18 collection we feature palms, turtles, flowers, mermaid scales and stripes. Our main colours are pink, blue, lilac, yellow and burnt orange. We are inspired by our original mermaid theme with an added twist…get ready for lots of 70s vintage vibes in this collection!

What are the top three USPs?
All our watercolour prints are exclusively hand painted in-house. You literally cannot find our prints anywhere else in the World. Every Zennor Bikini is fully seamless and reversible, giving our Zennor Mermaids the freedom to be creative and also the option to pack light on their travels/ We are proudly sweatshop free, every Zennor Bikini is designed and made in the UK.