Words and photos by Laurie Newman

Lets be honest, we all kinda want to be a mermaid right? To breathe under water and spend all day in the ocean sounds like the best kind of life. Follow these simple steps to create a mermaid bra and you’re half way to being a real life mermaid! Teamed with a sparkly skirt it makes the perfect mermaid fancy dress costume or just for general wear- don’t worry we won’t tell anyone!

You will need:

-A glue gun
-A variety of different coloured sequins
-A packet of beads
-Turquoise net (available from fabric shops)
-A pack of either pearl bracelets or a necklace
-Needle and thread
-A glue stick/old paint brush
-A cheap bra (the one pictured was £2 from Primark)

Mermaid2 Mermaid1


1.Put the glue gun on for at least 10 minutes to allow the glue to melt slightly.

2.Lay out some scraps of newspaper in front of the area that you are working on to protect any work surfaces.

3.Place a dollop of glue onto the back of a shell and press down in the centre of the bra. Apply a little pressure for at least 5-10 seconds. If the shell is not staying very well then add a bit more glue.

4.This bit can be a bit fiddly, you will need to cut the pearl bracelets to a length that spans the width of one of the bra cups. Once cut you need to secure each end of the thread by tying a small knot. It also helps to add a small bit of glue over each knot as this prevents the knots from sliding undone.

5.Stick the strings of pearls down onto the base of the bra by applying a thin line of glue. Apply pressure for at least 10 seconds.

6.Repeat steps 4 and 5 on each side of the bra 2-3 times depending on how many pearls you have.

7.Pour onto your newspaper a couple of handfuls of the beads and sequins.

8.Paint a small surface area of the bra in glue and roll the sticky area into the beads you have placed on the newspaper. Apply slight pressure for at least 10 seconds. Top tip: You will need to work quite quickly here as the glue will begin to dry fast.

9.Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each side and until you have covered the surface area in beads and glitter.

10.Cut a strip of strip of net off that is the length of the bra strap and secure in place with a couple of quick stitches. You may want to secure in a knot at the back of the bra strap for added strength and security.

11.Glue a couple of shells at the top of each cup just to finish it off.

There you go, you can now show off you’re mermaid outfit. Now all we need to do is work on breathing underwater!