By Corinne Evans. Photo Rip Curl

If you look up the meaning of the word adventure in a dictionary it’s described as “an unusual and exciting or daring experience.” Most of us have that feeling that burns deep inside, the need to spread our wings and expand our horizons and it’s something we shouldn’t ignore. No matter how big or small our urge for adventure is we should never let it pass us by. All those things we wanted to do over summer but never found the time don’t need to be forgotten. There’s still time to do all those things, there always is and just because the seasons have changed and we are moving into cold weather doesn’t mean that we can’t adventure and explore.

This winter I am making a decision to do more. I am not going to let this the winter pass me by or waste my time on the sofa engrossed in pointless TV shows. I am going to wrap up warm and get out into the world and live the life I want. Let’s all make the most of any free time we have and pack as much adventure as we can into any day off we have.


Photo: O’Neill

Fill winter with woodland walks, all day surf mission, drink hot chocolate in the park, have a beach BBQ or explore a new town or village whatever we want to do or planned to do this summer, do this winter. Making a conscious effort to change our mindsets about winter can really be a wonderful thing, the sooner we stop seeing seasons changing as a bad thing we can all begin enjoying this wonderful season.

Make a list of all the fun things we want to go or places we wanted to travel and begin trying to tick them off. How lovely would it be to look back on winter and think what a wonderful time we had. Get friends involved or explore alone whatever you decide to do make sure it puts a hug smile on your face and gives you memories you’ll cherish forever.

Let’s get out there and explore!


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