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Despite the fact it’s the middle of winter and it’s really chilly, now January’s here it’s time to get outside! Start surfing, cycling, running, walking – whatever takes your fancy, go for it.

If you can’t get outside then join a fitness class or gym or do some DIY fitness at home. Even check out You Tube where there’s loads of fitness online.

Get Surf Fit!

A big part of surfing is fitness, so here’s some top tips which will enhance your performance and have you surf fit in no time (well a couple of months a least…).

Your top 10 tips to get your fitness started;
1. Get some exercise advice from a professional, don’t just dive into training you may risk injury.
2. Stick to a well balanced program.
3. Get cracking with your swimming!
4. Improve your balance; your perfect point of balance is your perfect point of power!
5. Make sure your sessions are progressive and become harder and longer each week or two.
6. Use as much kit available to you, the list is endless.
7. Always stretch after a session, and warm up correctly
8. If we do get a good run of swell try to maintain your training doesn’t just train when there’s no swell.
9. Mix your training up.
10. Look at surf specific exercises that mimic surfing movements, identify those muscle groups involved and train them!

Build your aerobic strength
You can build your aerobic strength in many ways, however swimming is tops for surfers, anything that resembles paddling on a surfboard like swimming or Powerstroke cords are best. There are however also running and gym machines like rowers and cross trainers.

Start some resistance training

Resistance training means working, or training, with weights, either free weights or on gym machines by performing simple, repetitive movements you are able to focus work on a particular muscle or group of muscles. All these elements can be boosted by resistance training, however always remember that surfing movements demand a lot of flexibility and a lifting heavy weights might not be the best route for a surfer.

Surf Fitness
If you’re serious about getting surf fit, you need to put the work in and this book will definitely help you! The Complete Guide to Surf Fitness contains basic training programmes that you can follow. Or check out the Advanced Surf Fitness Book for a more progressive fitness regime.

At the Beach Boutique to motivate you to get fit this winter, check out our fitness range of products and books and Indo Boards which will keep you surf fit if you can’t get to the ocean. All it takes is a little bit of motivation!

Then write down your aims and achievements in the Surf Girl Journal.

Who says winter’s are boring? 2015 #getactive