By Corinne Evans. Photo O’Neill

Summer is in full swing and here at SurfGirl we love nothing more than long summer days filled with waves, smiles and BBQ’s so we thought we would share our five reasons why we think summer ROCKS!

Surf, Surf, Surf!

First up and most importantly you can surf more! The days are longer which means after work surf’s are on the cards, there’s almost five hours of light after work that’s enough time for two surfs. Well almost.

Warmer Water

The water has finally warmed up enough for a summer suit, which means the days of thick rubber; boots, gloves and hoods are behind us, yay! Ditching all the rubber is great for flexibility and movement; summer is also a great time to really progress and work on your surfing.  


Outdoor Gym

All this extra surf time means that there’s no need for the gym membership, take the £40 a month and save up for something cool, a new board a new wetsuit or whatever takes your fancy. On the flat days you can take your work out outside to your local park, beach or even just to the garden. Save the stuffy gyms for winter and get exercising outdoors.


Photo O’Neill

BBQ Times

What about out of the water? Although it summer that yellow ball in the sky hasn’t been out that much but when the when the sun does decide to shine its BBQ time. Beach BBQ’s rock, but we don’t mean burnt sausages in a sandy bun’s. Try something new and freshen up BBQ’s this summer. 

Prep at home, do all the work in the kitchen so when you’re on the beach its only the cooking left to do. Think about other options, its not just about burgers and sausages, why not try something different, marinated Halloumi, stuffed grilled peppers or some homemade kebabs, quick, easy and super tasty. 

Sleep Under the Stars

It’s camping season, not everyone’s idea of a holiday but it wouldn’t be summer without at least one camping trip with friends. There’s some amazing campsite’s around and ones that are near the beach mean you can plan a trip around the waves and combine camping and surfing all in one weekend which is perfect for the landlocked surfers wanting to grab a weekend of sunshine and surf!

This is making us want to grab the tent, BBQ and our favourite summer boards and head away for the weekend. Summer rocks, so get out there and enjoy!

Photo from online stock sources