Photographs by Abbi Hughes Photography • Model: Tatum Godwin and Emily Furness

If you love your suit, you obviously don’t pee in it or leave it in direct sunlight to dry, do you?
Of course not, as this will damage the neoprene and you might have to buy a new one sooner than you thought. To be extra nice to your suit, you could use a great cleaner and conditioner like ‘Slosh’ that will help to sanitize, preserve and extend your wetsuit’s life!



You can buy Slosh to protect your suit at SurfGirl’s Beach Boutique here… It’s fresh scent and unique blend of natural ingredients remove chlorine, salt, odours and organic residue while special disinfectant and conditioning agents sanitize, preserve and extend your equipments life. You can use slosh on anything, including wetsuits & drysuits, suba equipment, hiking & marine wear, snow & water ski wear, swim wear & pool toys.


For more information on the best summer suits you can buy this season have a little look at SurfGirl’s Summer Wetsuit guide. From soft, flexible long suits to colourful, retro-inspired shorties, there’s never been such a fantastic choice of summer neoprene. Bring on the sunny days and the warm water! We also have a selection of short summer suits on the Beach Boutique that will be perfect for your travel bag and the warmer seas. It also means that there is no chance of your bikini falling off when you take a harsh wipeout, sorry boys….

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