Words by Beth Franklin

We need to talk about Surfer’s Ear.

Surfers (or swimmer’s) ear is a super common condition among surfers, swimmers and those who immerse themselves in cold water on a regular basis.

Over the years wetsuit technology has meant that we are able to stay in the water for longer and catch as many waves as we want. However, this means increased cases of Surfers Ear. Just like wearing SPF on overcast days, you should be protecting your ears from the chilly surf.

Speaking from experience, I tried every alternative under the sun before using the ear plugs, including blue tac. Yes, I plugged my ears with blue tac, and I can safely say it did not end well. The blue tac completely cut off my sense of hearing in the surf, which resulted in my anxiety feeling heightened when I began to feel trapped.

Not to say this would happen to you but switching to Surf Ear plugs was a game changer for me.

What are Surf Ear Plugs?

Surf Ear plugs are a lighter piece of equipment than most alternatives out there. They let sound in and keep the cold water and wind out, protecting your ear drum.

You might be thinking this sounds like something that needs to be specifically made for you. But Surf Ear’s Surfears 3.0 set comes with everything you need, including changeable parts in differing sizes that are suitable for all.

By keeping the water out this will stop Surfer’s Ear from worsening to the point of surgery or stop it from happening at all. Without you having to sacrifice any perfect swells that come your way.

So, what is Surfer’s Ear?

Surfer’s Ear is a condition where the bone of the ear canal develops multiple bony growths called exostoses. 

In nonfancy terms, it’s when an extra bone forms as a lump that grows over the ear canal. The cause comes from exposure to cold water and wind, and it is believed to be your ears way of protecting itself, more specifically the ear drum.

As surfers we are constantly in the elements, being battered by winds and cold waters. That’s why it’s so common among the surf community and where it gets its name.

Surfer’s ear can cause recurring ear infections; however, most may not even notice when the exostosis first develops. If this isn’t enough to convince you on getting serious about protecting your ears in the surf, maybe we should tell you about what happens when the canal grows over…

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