Here at SurfGirl we love nothing more than spending long summer days surfing fun waves, sharing smiles and tucking into delicious BBQ’s on the beach.

We though we would share all the reasons why we love summer, to get you in the summer vibes mood!

Surf For Longer

Long evenings and bright mornings mean we have more time to get out the house and get active. We’re going to surf till the sun goes down; take runs in the park  and where ever possible  spend as little time in doors. Summer also means we can surf after work, there’s almost five hours of light after work that’s enough time for two surfs. Well almost. Also all this extra surf time means that there’s no need for the gym membership! 

New hobbies

We love using summer as a chance to try something new. Whether that means joining a surf club or outdoor yoga class, what ever it is summer is the time to breakout your comfort zone.  We are all guilty of sticking to the same things, so let’s do something different! Join a club and meet some new people, it may feel a little daunting initially but you’ll feel so proud of yourself for getting out there and meeting new people. Check out what clubs are in your local area and give one ago.

Outdoor Dining

Take your meals outside and enjoy that amazing weather. No more eating at the desks or curled up on the sofa. Summer means BBQ’s, picnics and wild dining. Pack up your feast and take it outside, thrown a blanket down and enjoy the summer mornings, noons and nights. We just love spending all day on the beach eating delicious food.

Healthy Vibes

Summer always makes us want to eat cleaner. Of course we have the odd ice cream every now and again but summer really does make us want to look after our bodies. Tucking in to big nourishing salads, colourful fruit platters or smoothie bowls. Smoothies and super food salads are a great way to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals you get into your body and they also look so pretty. Listen to your body and treat it with the yummy food it deserves. Indulge on fresh fruit salads, homemade ice creams and maybe the odd cocktail or two.

Exercise Outside

Summer time means we say goodbye to the gym for a few months and take out workouts outside. On the beach, garden or in the park where ever your choose to get active, make sure it’s out in the fresh air.
Get creative with your workouts and use your surroundings; sprint up sand dunes, do your push ups on a park bench or circuits in your own back garden. Make the most of being outside, it will clear your mind after a busy day at the office.