Waves and Ice is a short film with an all female crew and protagonists. Filmmaker Sabine M. Probst accompanied five adventurous, nature loving women on their journey through the Icelandic wild whilst creating stunning images, surfing freezing cold waves, hiking up and snowboarding down mountains, diving icy waters and mastering all obstacles which appeared on their way.

With Waves and Ice the team wants to be an inspiration for other women to follow their passions. The sports shown in the film like snowboarding, surfing and diving are quite male dominated as well as surf and outdoor photography. All of the women behind the project know women or have been the woman which had doubts to try something because it seemed like something a girl or woman would not do. Either because they did not see any other females doing it or because they were afraid to be treated differently than the guys.

Most outdoor adventure films are filmed by men, for men, starring men. The Waves & Ice team wanted to change that, Waves and Ice is a production by women only, to inspire other women to be themselves, follow their passions and explore new things. Even though they are not world class sponsored athletes or creators, they are passioned, they know what they want and they do the things they do because they love them. The film is not about showing off or being the best, but rather about their passion and the support the women gave each other. 

Berglind Johannsdottir @iamberglind
Berglind is an Icelandic photographer who captures the wonders of nature in Iceland in a beautiful minimalistic manner. She seeks adventure in the Icelandic wild and spends most of her time in the outdoors.

Ana Geppert @anageppert
Ana is a Spanish born German adventure lover who studies research in global health science. Her passion for sports like skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing keeps her exploring the wild.

Elín Signy @elinsigny
Elín is a professional dancer at the Iceland dance company with a huge passion for surfing, snowboarding, traveling and art.

Julia Ochs @juliaochsphoto
Julia Ochs is a German photographer who dedicates her work to the ocean and the people that help protect and restore our oceans for future generations.

Klaudyna Brzostowska @waterographyk
Klaudyna is a polish diver and nature lover. Diving is not just a sport for her, it is her passion and the underwater world the place where she found to herself.

Sabine M. Probst @sabinemprobst
Sabine is a filmmaker and photographer focusing her work on environmental issues, conservation of our wildlife and planet and inspiring stories from the outdoors.

At the moment the filmmaker of Waves & Ice is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money for film festival submissions. The film team did get supported by some product and discount sponsoring, yet they financed the production by themselves. Now the film is almost finished and can soon be submitted to film festivals, for this they need financial help in order to spread the films message. They are very thankful for the brands who already supported them and appreciate every help they can get to make it possible for the project to be widely seen.

If you want to know more about the film or want to support it, check out the website www.wavesandicethefilm.com or their instagram @wavesandice_thefilm or go straight to the Crowdfunder campaign here.