This is the feeling I get in the depths of winter in the UK. I crave the feeling of warm sun on my skin. I wanted to immerse myself in tropical water whilst sipping a freshly cut coconut. I’d had enough of ice cream headaches and numb toes, I needed a break from it all. I need a two week trip to paradise.

So my finance and I trawled the internet trying to find the right place to go. We kept coming back to one location, Barbados. 

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Barbados a couple of times before but this would be Ben’s first time. He didn’t take too much convincing, I think the prospect of fun waves in board shorts was something he couldn’t turn down. 

Our two week’s in Barbados were epic. It’s easy to see why people go back every year. 

I captured the trip on my GoPro and got a friend of mine Matthew Hawkey to put together this little edit. I hope you like it and it makes you wanted to visit this beautiful island.