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Suzi, where does The Perfect Wave run surf trips?

We organise surf trips all over the world, from the Maldives to Morocco, from Lombok to Lanzarote, from New Caledonia to New Zealand or even to explore the more undiscovered waves in Taiwan or Iceland.  Basically anywhere on the planet with waves, we have a budget, a mid-range and a luxury surf experience for all levels of surfer.  We travel to all the destinations that we sell to make sure that the resorts, hotels and boats are up to The Perfect Wave standard. 

How is The Perfect Wave different from regular travel agents?

We are a one stop shop for surf holidays globally. We save you the hassle of having to search individually for surf resorts, camps or boats or even just to try and understand what is suitable for your needs. We don’t charge any fees for this advice on our bookings, so we can do this at the exact same cost as going direct whilst actually listening to your needs.

For example, if someone wants to learn to surf and wanted to go to the Mentawaii islands, we would suggest somewhere more suitable with waves that are more mellow and easier to learn on, like the beach resorts Bali.  If a really experienced surfer wishes to go to Sri Lanka in European winter looking for barrels we might suggest a different location such as Papua New Guinea purely because the waves on the SW coast of Sri Lanka are not as consistent for barrels. We have the biggest network of surf accommodation in the world and we also have the worlds first frequent surfer program, The Perfection Pass, so you get rewarded everything time you travel with us. Points mean prizes ! When you book a trip with The Perfect Wave, we are there for you from the minute you enquire until you get home and beyond.

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What can you expect during the week, surf wise, food, accommodation?

If you book a week’s surf camp, basically all you have to do is to get on the flight!  You will be met at the airport as soon as you arrive and taken to the camp.  Breakfast is included and usually a packed lunch too. 

On the first day, everyone meets up and are taken to the best beach according to the conditions that day.  Surfers are split into groups according to their ability and then the surf guide or instructor will take everyone in the water and make sure everyone gets waves.  Depending on the surf camp that you are staying at, everyone will get together in the evenings to watch the video footage of the waves that day and watching yourself surfing is a great way to improve your skills. 

Usually everyone at the camp eats together in the evenings and has a few beers before bed early and up for more surfing at dawn when the waves are at their best. Obviously, its very different if you stay at a luxury surf resort in the Maldives but regardless of what level of accommodation you are staying at, our partners look after our guests from morning to night as they require.

Sounds idyllic, do you have to be a good surfer?

No you don’t have to be a good surfer at all.  We sell packages not only to those who have never been on a surfboard before but also to intermediate and experienced surfers who just want to improve their technique.  I have been surfing for 20 years and I recently went on a surf course and I learned more in one hour with an instructor than I have in 20 years of free surfing!! 

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