Drum roll, here’s the Top 5 most popular web posts in 2016.

1. Killer Whale Nibbles SUP

Heart in the mouth stuff, this curious Killer Whale was the most popular post by far…

2. Facing Your Fears in the Sea

Georgina van Dijk’s post on combating her fears in the ocean and her tips to overcome it, were helpful to many.
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3. “Learning to surf is like being the fat kid”.

Charlotte Brimstone struck a chord with her post, Learning to Surf: The Ugly Truth
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4. Koren Skater Hyo Joo Video Goes Viral

Skate like you dance, Hyo Joo longboarding moves impressed the hell out of us and went viral reaching 6 million people in a day.

5. Paddle Power: No More Spaghetti Arms

Paddling, is one of the most frustrating things about surfing, so these tips to improve your paddling proved popular.

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Which posts did you like this year? Leave your comments below.