The Salty Vault Swimwear Guide 2018

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This summer, The Salty Vault are dreaming of bikini days, bare feet and floating from shoreline to poolside. Introducing the new Luxurious Velvet, Pastel Perfection and Monochrome Eco collections, a range of reversible separates, high-cut swimsuits and sleek surf suits that create the perfect balance between function and style. Bold designs and unique detailing incorporate The original Salty Vault bikini pocket, and all of the swimwear is lovingly handmade in Cornwall.


In 3 words describe The Salty Vault woman.
Stylish, active, adventurous.

Which is your go-to bikini for a day on the beach and in the surf?

Now that’s tricky. I just returned from a month in Sri Lanka and you wouldn’t believe how many bikinis I had with me! I continue to love the Hot to Trot range for beach days, but when it comes to surfing it’s all about the Salty Vault Pocket bottoms and the new Lust for Life top.

What is your favourite pattern and colour in this season’s collection?

This season is all about colour blocking and introducing new fabrics. The lilac and mint pastels look gorgeous with a tan, whilst the velvet range is pure luxury which looks and feels amazing. The Monochrome Eco range is stylish and timeless, whilst incorporating 100% recycled fabric, which makes it a truly sustainable classic collection.

What makes The Salty Vault stand out? 

It’s all about the pocket. That is ‘The Salty Vault’ and how this whole journey began: The need for something. Never finding exactly what you’re looking for, designing ideas and bringing them to life. Being designed and manufactured in Cornwall is also a defining attribute behind the brand, being able to personally maintain quality and consistency is essential.

How are the brands Cornish roots reflected in the swimwear pieces?
The designs behind the brand reflect my love of the ocean and Cornish beach culture. Had it not been for living in St Merryn on the north coast, the inspiration behind my boutique brand ‘Salty Vault Swimwear’ would never have materialised. The function and performance of the styles are derived from a love of the water, being a regular surfer and coach and living an active, healthy lifestyle, Salty Vault Swimwear is a stylish reflection of life on the Cornish coast.