After spending just over six months at the points of Noosa it was a difficult choice to pack up and leave and head down the coast. We made Byron Bay our next destination.
Not knowing much about the place, we headed straight for The Pass to check it out and see if we made the right decision by leaving the waves at Noosa. We wasn’t disappointed, paddling straight out you can instantly feel the joy of everyone in the line up. Everyone smiling, chatting, not taking it too serious if the odd beginner drops in. Paddling back up the point after a long cruisey ride I spotted someone that I had been a fan of for some time. That’s the first time I saw Josie surf in person and I could definitely see the grace and style she carried on the water. I sat back on my board and watched poetry in motion.
It seamed farfetched to me that I would actually get the chance to film such a talented and stylish surfer and a few weeks later I was behind my camera buzzing.
The smooth foot work to the subtle hand jives, it all combines to make Josie’s style unique and a pleasure to watch.

Thanks you Josie Prendergast for your surfing and your time.
See you out there.
Music: Wendy & Bonnie – By The Sea